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Find your Stride: the creative business inspiration toolkit

We think that you'll love the toolkit. It gives you everything you need to promote you and what you do. The 73 page guide includes all of this... 

Social media marketing

Social media

This section about Social media will help you and your business increase your visibility to new and existing customers and clients.  We encourage you to plan and make notes as you progress through this section to promote your products, services and build a loyal community. 

Networking tips


Networking brings together like-minded individuals to share ideas, feel supported and create new business opportunities. Feeling weird about doing it in person or online? No worries! This section will give you practical tips to feel confident and comfortable. Perfect if you're a small business owner.

Finding and building your community

Finding and building your community

Your community is the life blood of your business. Your community will support your sales, and help you to develop ideas and products that make a difference to your enterprise. This section will guide and inspire you to find and build your own community.

Event planner


We have all been to events that are memorable but what makes them so engaging? Here is a  guide, templates and event planner to help your next event be a success. Complete this section to help you build connections with your customers and clients. An ideal section if you run an online business.

How to plan an online event and webinar

Webinars and online events

Knowing what you want to deliver and what you want your audience to gain are the first steps in planning a successful webinar. This section will help you to showcase your business. Hosting a webinar and online event just got easier thanks to this section of tips!

How to write an email newsletter


A well-crafted email newsletter can help you to stay connected to your audience and updates. Getting started has never been easier thanks to this section that helps you plan how to do it and ways to engage with the reader.  Your business plan should include creating a newsletter and this is a good place to start.

How to write a press release

Press releases

Press releases allow you to announce something newsworthy to the media to generate coverage about a story. It's also an opportunity to build awareness of what you do or sell.  This section and template  will help you  to write a brilliant press release that will grab the attention of journalists and be featured online or in print media. 

PR and media relations

Media relations

Your business ideas should certainly include media and public relations because it is a free way to gain public exposure. The ultimate goal is to promote what you do and who you are to the masses and if this is done correctly, it can help you to become a household name and recognisable. If you're confused about where to start, this section is for you!

Video clips, vlogging and webcam filming

Video clips and  / webcam filming

Want to know how those viral videos are made and stay memorable? Lighting, space, story and visual cues all help to create a fun video. This quick and easy guide will help you to get started and feel confident in creating video content that presents you in the best way! Ready, set - let's go!



Nowadays celebrities such as Joe Wicks, Ferne Cotton, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama are sharing their inner perspectives and interviewing guests on their podcasts. It's become the new business lifestyle for many. Let's help you to plan, record and market your podcast with this guide to share your stories and messages with loyal listeners.

Out of home advertising

Out of home advertising

Out of home advertising is about visual adverts that you see outside of your home. These adverts can be digital or printed on billboards, on buses and taxis plus much more. This type of advertising is all about visual adverts that occupy a public space and we can help you to plan and create your stand out advert.

Apps & SMS mobile marketing

Apps and SMS marketing present perfect on-the-go opportunities to reach and engage with customers. Great for announcing new (exclusive) offers and sharing notifications for important information such as delivery updates. If you've never tried it, we have some ideas to guide you in this section.

Getting your brand known

Getting your brand known

How do you take all of the tips you have learnt in this toolkit to build a brand and get it known?  This handy and practical guide gives you a helpful nudge in the right direction with ideas to build customer loyalty and get some publicity. You'll wonder what you did without it!


A well planned campaign includes a range of elements that  will share your brand authentically. This section is perfect for when you want to launch a new product or service, or remind customers about what you sell or do . Get creative and enjoy advertising your services or products with this inspirational section.

A-Z glossary of media and marketing words


Sometimes we hear words and phrases, and we pause to think – what does it mean? If you’ve ever wanted to know and understand common PR, media and marketing phrases, we’re here to help you. Consider this A-z your personal guide to give you everything you need to know that is useful.

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Do you want to know more about the toolkit and how it can help you? 

Who We Are

Meet the creators Jocelyn and Louise

We are leading a mission to help start ups, existing businesses and working professionals manage their marketing & PR. This toolkit connects you to useful and helpful solutions to grow and sustain your projects.  Think of it as a injection of bright ideas and inspiration.

With more than 40 years combined experience working with BBC, Gillette, Superdrug, Prince's Trust, HSBC, Lloydspharmacy, Reading Museum and more - we want to help you promote what you do while you Find your Stride in your business and work life.